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Ladies and Gentlemen --

-- we are floating in space

Susan Sto-Helit
1 February 1979
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This is the bio. Now with an odd (but ever so stylish) phrase, a book quote (nothing too obvious), an obscure fandom reference, possibly an emoticon (they're back in fashion), and some strange punctuation I'm supposed to intrigue you to the mystery that is me. But honestly, I just can't be bothered.

And in the immortal words of Pete Townshend:

Smile, you buggers! Pretend it's Christmas.
80s new wave, absinthe, acrophobia, adam raised a cain, aisle seats in airplanes, amedeo modigliani, andre breton, andrei lutai, aspirins, astronomy, ayacest, b/w photography, bandom, berlin, bert/gerard, blues, btvs, budapest, bye bye brain, campari-o, caspian/edmund, chekov/sulu, chicago blackhawks, chidori through the heart, chinese takeaway, cigarettes, coffee, curt/arthur, cut your hair monkeyboy, dadaism, daniel vosovic, days without rain, death note, defeatism, discworld, doctor/master, durmstrang, existentialism, federico garcia lorca, fernweh, figure skating rps, g.k. chesterton, gaara/naruto, gabriel garcia marquez, gene/sam, genesis of the daleks, gerard/frank, german expressionism, good omens, graham greene, gunter grass, hana yori dango, harry/ron, herman hesse, hetfield/newsted, hey hey my my, highlander, hornblower/bush, hyuugacest, ian mcewan, iceman/pyro, ismail kadare, japan, jiraiya/orochimaru, jonathan toews, kick out the jams, kill reality tv, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, klaus mann, knut hamsun, lennon/mccartney, london kills me, lonely planet guides, lupin/snape, maggot brain, man ray, martini rosso, max ernst, maynard james keenan, mephisto, merlin/arthur, methos, mikhail sholokhov, milan kundera, monty python, muraki/tsuzuki, my bloody valentine, narnia, navelgazing like an idiot, neji/hinata, neji/naruto, neue deutsche todeskunst, night air is curious, noir desir, not updating my livejournal, obi-wan/anakin, odilon redon, only gay for youuuuuu, oz, pablo neruda, patrick kane, pete/mikey, pete/ryan, prague, rage against the machine, remus lupin, rene magritte, reno/cloud, roger/rafa, ron weasley, ryan/spencer, saiyuki, sam/dean, sasuke/naruto, saxon is your man, schuldig, schuldig/yohji, shikamaru/temari, sisters of mercy, smallville, sophocles, star trek 2009, steerpike, subaru sumeragi, suna siblings, supernatural, take your meds sasuke, the 90s, the neverending story, the who, the wolves are running, the yardbirds, thee michelle gun elephant, thomas mann, tolkien, tool, top gear, trigun, undergrounds, veronica/logan, weiss kreuz, weltschmerz, werewolves, world maps, writers block, xavier/magneto, yami no matsuei, yay hockey! yay tennis!, yohji kudoh